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I am happy to work with all levels of projects, along with all levels of budgets, from my domiBLUE "Tete a Tete" consultation service to my full interior design service, for the complete home, it is all important to me.

I do believe that it is not always a requirement to spend vast amounts of money to achieve a beautiful stylish home. It can be about choosing the right colour scheme, purchasing, and the presentation, of the most suitable pieces of furniture and of course the finishing touches, these are some of the elements that when all come together  make a space look and feel special!

domiBLUE - Turn Key Design Service -

The "Turn Key Design Service" is a full interior design service that offers you the opportunity to instruct domiBlue, after initial design discussions, to step in and design, impliment and manage the whole project for you including the important stylish finishing touches, whether it is a vase, cushions or the perfect painting! The full service allows you to step back and enjoy the whole process without lifting a finger! Once the project is complete we will pass you back your door key and you can return and unlock your new stylish dream home!

domiBLUE - Tete a Tete -

My "Tete a Tete" service offers you two hours of my undivided attention. An opportunity for us to walk around your property chatting about any design issues you may have. It is one of my favourite services that I offer. The service has been so successful and rewarding, for both my clients and myself, and it is possibly the answer for you if you are just looking for some guidance, and reassurance, on your interior, whether it is a colour choice, a furniture layout or just some help "pulling" your decor all together!"

domiBLUE - Doctor Domi -

My "Doctor Domi" house doctor service operates on a room by room basis. I work with you, your existing ailing interior, and key pieces, to re-create stylish functional spaces.
Advising and helping on a number of elements that include: colour schemes, furniture pieces, soft furnishings, layout, lighting, flooring, artwork, accessorising etc. I will offer you proposals and remedies, for all areas, that require a nip and a tuck!
Once you are happy with my proposals, and you would like to impliment your new interior, you can either manage the whole project yourself, in your own time, or just allow your self to sit back, relax and enjoy the whole design experience while domiBLUE, with my team of professionsals, organise and project manage it all for you!

domiBLUE - Lets Shop!

It may not be an interior designer that you are looking for but you may just fancy some new pieces for your home, possibly a new sofa, a couple of new lamps, a statement piece of art or just some new cushions and finishing touches, items that will instantly revamp your home and can be purchased on the high street.
"Let's Shop" is no different to a image consultant personal shopper but for your home. I can escort and guide you around the relevant stores and assist in your decisions. Too many people make errors in their purchasing due to "impulse buying", we will discuss your needs and requirements before hitting the stores so as to avoid some expensive mistakes!

home staging - project management, bathroom and kitchen design - blinds and curtains - soft furnishings - styling and accessorising - artwork - antiques - sourcing - show homes

I do hope my services are of interest to you please contact me directly for my costings, or any questions you may have,
I consider each of my clients unique, and individual, so, after a a brief chat, I can offer you a costing based on your own particular needs and requirements.

"I work with both contemporary and classic styles and that
includes everything in between!"

"throughout my  life "style" has become my  driving force and continues to be so today, a passion that never leaves me!"


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