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Born and raised in Provence, to a French mother and English father, Domi was born a natural style guru! Home will always be France, and Provence will always be where his heart will lie, but his education took him from the blue skies of the South of France to the grey skies of London!

Art school followed Grammar school opening Dominic's young sparkling eyes wide open onto a whole new and exciting world of design!

Printed textile design was his chosen field, confirming his love of colours and fabrics, but though a career was to be had the lure, at such an impressionable age,  of the world of international designer fashion was too much for him to resist. At a time of super models, glamorous celebrities, and shoulder pads, Bond Street and Sloane Street became his second home! But, as time went by, it wasn't too long that a change of direction was calling him and Dominic was now styling some of London's leading international homeware and fashion stores.

With a growing passion for interiors, and beautiful objects, along with the ever present love of fabrics and colour, it was a natural organic route that Dominic was destined to take, a route that was to be his forever career.... interior design, styling and decoration!

An unrelenting desire to travel the world has been a passion that has been a significant influence, and inspiration, to Dominic's work, developing his "voice", his originality, and above all mastering his ability to work with the contemporary and the traditional, including all that lies in between, coordinating his projects with colours, textiles, and accessories, all with an international twist!

His keen eye, his sense of adventure, and his constant mission to find the perfect accessory, all come together to create an original, and professional, approach to interior design, styling and decoration.

Dominic works from "The Studio" based at his river edged home in leafy Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Working on a consultancy basis he offers a bespoke affordable design service catering to the requirements, and desires, of each individual client delivered with a customer service second to none!

"throughout my  life "style" has become my  driving force and continues to be so today, a passion that never leaves me!"


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